An introduction…

Hey there!

I’m Jayden, a nineteen year old guy from the south coast who plays way too many video games, drinks way too much coffee and loves all things geeky!

IMG_20140317_145021This year, 2014, is my first year at the University of Wollongong. I’m studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media studies, all the while blogging and tweeting with my fellow #BCM110, #BCM112, #JRNL101 and #MEDA101 students.

My goal is to break into pop culture journalism; I’d love to work on the media side of video games, but I’d also love to be a game developer myself, especially as the Australian Indie gaming scene continues to grow.

Aside from Uni, I spend my time playing games, reading books, comics and manga, or watching the latest television show (I swear I’m not counting down the days till Game of Thrones season 4… yet). I also write about video games for digital media outlets, primarily for OXCGN (a pretty cool Australian gaming website), though I’ve just recently joined Grab It Magazine (a new Australian digital magazine, focussing on the best of Indie and mobile gaming!) which is pretty great.

I’ve very much enjoyed reading through other student’s blogs and learning about my exciting classmates! I’m very excited to see where the stories and creations that will come out of this group can take us all!

We want to encourage a world of creators, of inventors, of contributors. Because this world that we live in, this interactive world, is ours. — Ayah Bdeir, TED.

To keep up with my various antics and adventures, in 140 characters or less of course, you’re very welcome to follow my twitter here, as well as following my blog. I love to chat and discuss all sorts of technology and pop culture so please feel free to tweet to me or comment; I’m sure we’ll get along as well as good coffee and free wifi!

This blog is a secondary blog for the Journalism subjects I’m studying, while Creo Medium will serve as my core blog!


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