A Lily Amongst the Reeds

Lily Martin, UOW Campus, taken by Jayden Perry April 2014

Lily Martyn, by Jayden Perry, April 2014

“It’s a way to express myself”, says Lily Martyn, a talented singer-songwriter and first year Journalism student, “it’s a good way to deal with emotional stuff”. After receiving her first tissue box ukulele at two years of age to be like her big sister, Lily has carried her love of music forward into life. With the goal of keeping up her own works and becoming a music journalist, she dreams of one day being paid to travel the world attending concerts and festivals, all the while writing about the experiences and adventures she has on the road.

You can check out Lily’s music on her soundcloud and facebook pages!


2 thoughts on “A Lily Amongst the Reeds

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  2. Hi Jayden!

    This is a fantastic portrait – capturing strong emotion and happiness. The caption reads well and I love the succinct nature of the sentences – it gives it an easy-to-grasp flow. And the use of links was inventive and could give her some extra traffic.

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