An Interview with Lily Martyn

Looking a little deeper, this interview takes us into Lily‘s aspirations for both her journalism studies and her own musical projects. From her early beginnings in music Lily has grown to become a talented acoustic and folk artist, participating in local gigs and even at the Bondi Blitz. Whilst on campus she hasn’t found a spot that really clicks creatively, she draws inspiration from students in her course and tutorial, finding the diversity conducive to writing and guiding her future goals in music journalism.

One day we may even be lucky enough to see her performing at the Unibar!

Make sure to check out more of Lily’s music via her social media pages!


Backing music is Lily Martyn’s cover of ‘Youth’, which can be found here ( and was used with permission from creator.


One thought on “An Interview with Lily Martyn

  1. The background is a lovely touch to this interview as there is no pesky people walking around to distract from the content. The camera angle is well placed and both voices are for the most part quite clear. Having said that, the unfortunate lawn mower and other sounds topped up with the background music can at times feel to be a little much. Perhaps filming indoors or against a window in order to produce a quitter environment could have allowed Lilly’s singing to be more accessible.
    Overall this is a well produced interview, with soft lighting and a nice central theme.

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