Cardcaptor Claudia!


Claudia Blanche, by Jayden Perry, April 2014

Pop culture and fandoms are an important part of life for many students, and this is especially true for Claudia, an Arts and Communications student and novice cosplayer. Stemming from a love of anime and manga, you’ll often find Claudia dressed up as someone else entirely, her favourite costume being the Cardcaptor Sakura outfit she made from scratch for Animania Sydney. “Cosplaying is like being famous – countless people ask you for photos, call out your name, give you compliments – it’s a real ego boost!” She aims to one day represent Australia in the World Cosplay Summit in Japan, and to learn more about what pop culture can offer people through her journalism studies.


One thought on “Cardcaptor Claudia!

  1. I feel the composition of the photo comes across as unnatural and posed. Although we were strapped for time and the subject may have lived far away – it may have been interesting to see her dressed in one of her favourite outfits, or working on a new costume.

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