Who would you be?

For most of the media and journalism students at the University of Wollongong, popular culture is a big part of life. The characters displayed in games, TV shows, movies and books form a huge part of how people are, drawn to characters they can identify with. Asking “if you could be any character from pop culture, who would you be?” is great way to get a quick insight into people. The range of answers displayed shows just how diverse and creative a group there is at this University, which is an exciting thing to see in the next generation of journalists.

Music sourced from Final Cut Pro’s internal assets.


One thought on “Who would you be?

  1. The intro to the vox pop was great and immediately drew me in. It made me want to stay and watch the entire video and the theme throughout the blog was tied in well. The music at the start seemed a little overpowering but the answers following were very clear and easy to understand.

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