Entertainment Aspirations

Journalism Students Scott Poynton and Montana Soldatic discussing career aspirations at the Innovation Campus

Journalism Students Scott Poynton and Montana Soldatic discussing career aspirations at the Innovation Campus

In today’s society entertainment forms a major part of daily life. Whether it be the clothes we wear, the music we listen to or the games we watch and play, the demand for journalism covering these fields grows with them. These are passions shared by many students, aiming to work hard and find themselves in a career where they can write and talk about the things they enjoy for a living, all the while navigating major industry issues like changing technologies and sexism.

With a strong engagement to video games, Mitchell Finlayson is aiming for success in more groundbreaking mediums such as online social platforms and websites. While almost everyone who enjoys games would love a job working for the industry giants IGN, Mitchell would like to find success reviewing and talking about the games he loves on YouTube. What excites him the most about this path is the sheer amount of topics to write about, but fears for the availability of jobs in such a competitive industry. Another concern he shares with lots of entertainment journalists is the prevalence of sexism in both the content and the audiences, “it’s really something in the industry that people can’t seem to get over”.

Growing up in England, Scott Poynton’s desire to pursue a career in sports journalism stems from his passion for soccer as a child. His love of the world game propelled him into the desire to one day write about his passions as a sports columnist, because in sporting world “there is always a story to tell”. Despite his enjoyment of print media, Scott is exploring emerging “social media platforms as they are able to provide the majority of news stories free to consumers”, feeling it’s clearly “the future of journalism”.

Much like Scott, Montana Soldatic, has been set on the path of fashion journalism since she was young. Inspired by her mother’s own clothing designs, she lives the ideology that “if you work hard you can achieve anything” to push herself into the field of journalism. The goal she strives for is to work for Vogue, a fashion magazine, in Paris, working hard at university to make sure that this “dream job isn’t just my dream, but my realistic job”.

Briana Kennedy’s love of music very mush emulates many other’s involvement in entertainment, she’s “pretty much always listening to something or talking about bands”. While as yet undecided on a career path she would love to one day work for Frankie or Triple J, but worries about the small number of jobs that currently exist. While online media is an important medium these days she feels that this will result in less professional jobs as it becomes more and more accessible, much preferring magazines and print.

Even with interests in such diverse aspects of the media, journalism students hoping to break into the entertainment sector share common passions which give the required drive to succeed. The issues that face each section are fairly universal too, with sexism, changing technologies and potential job shortages pushing all of us harder to achieve our aspirations and pioneer new techniques and technologies.


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